Tension Ease -

A Swedish full body de-stress massage. Helping to ease tension, break down toxins and ease muscle pain.
1hr - £50.00

Back ,Neck & Shoulder -

 Relaxing massage of the back, neck and shoulders, helping to reduce muscle tightness and aid relaxation.
30 mins - £30.00

Blush Pro Sleep Massage 

This amazing treatment isn't just any old massage, as in the name it's a treatment to encourage sleep. Everyone nowadays is either stressed & tired or wired & tired! This treatment gets us back to were we need to be, relieves stress and encourages the body to sleep naturally. We all need at least 8hrs sleep for our bodies to 'heal' most people now adays or lucky to be getting 4-6hrs, this treatment is guaranteed to help you sleep.

1hr - £60.00

Aroma Touch - 1hr 30mins - £70

A unique ritual for mind and body. Using rare blends of essential oils chosen by you, your therapist will guide you through your foot ritual and exclusive body exfoliation to your personally tailored full body and scalp massage. This treatment is guaranteed to release any anxiety and stress from the body and transport your soul to a place of relaxation and tranquillity.

Blush Signature Massage - 1hr - £55

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 40mins - £40

A full aromatic body massage including facial acupressure points and using personally selected pure essential [comfort zone] oils to relax your mind and lift your energy.


Speciality treatments

 Hot Stone Massage -

A deeply soothing and sensorial massage using a unique combination of hot basalt stones, essential oils and the personal therapy of touch. The heat of the stones relieves the body of physical tension and pain, improves circulation and promotes an overall feeling of well being.

Back Neck and Scalp - 40mins - £45

Full Body - 1hr 20mins - £65 

Clearing Back Treatment -

 A relaxing deep cleansing treatment, excellent for oily skin types . 50mins - £40.00

Full Body Polish -

A must have treatment prior to holidays, leaves the skin smooth and radiant. 40mins - £35.00

Indian Head Massage

30 mins - £35

Hopi Ear Candling - 

30 mins - £28

Body Wraps

Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wrap

1hr 45mins - £65

A one of a kind body treatment, shrinking violet is the only inch loss wrap on the market that targets the fat cell other than water retention. The results are instant though continues to work for 72hrs, results are permanent if a healthy lifestyle and diet is maintained.

D-Age Firming Anti Aging Wrap 

1hr 15mins £50
With indulgent ingredients such as Kamani Oil and bitter orange, this wrap effectively counteracts the effects of aging on the body. Elasticity, tone and firmness is improved and skin is soft and pleasantly scented. Also good for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and aids in the prevention of new ones. 

Body strategist + cellulite remodeller

(double action cellulite treatment)

1hr 15mins £50

 An intense treatment specifically for the imperfections of resistant cellulite. 

 Vital leg treatment

45mins £25

Designed for legs subject to fluid retention, tension, and sense of heaviness. This treatment will improve circulation with the use of natural extracts and essential oils. Fantastic treatment for mums to be.